The headshot is the new handshake.
We live in a digital age where everyone looks for you online to see who they are dealing with. This can either build or break trust before even having met the person. The type of photo you have as a profile photo, be it a LinkedIn for work opportunities or a profile photo on your about section of your website or wherever else you may have it displayed, has a major psychological impact on your target audience.
You may have a photo of yourself at a wedding, even if it is your own wedding, holding a glass of sparkling wine even if you aren’t a drinker can give the viewer the wrong impression about you as a person. This is why there has to be thought put into what type of photo you use for a headshot.
Having someone that has the knowledge to make you look your best and be approachable has far more impact and meaning than just using a photo you have and think you like. Trust is one of the key factors of a headshot and this can be done with the proper photography.