Model Portfolio:

Model portfolio and why having it done by me can increase your chances of being seen. 

A lot of the casting agents do have in house photographers that are cheap, but the reason they are cheap is that most of them are not actually professionally trained or have a full understanding.

If you go through different casting agents as a test, look at the difference in photos, look at who you would pick over others and why. You will see that the photos on the site play a big part on whether people will actually look further or not.

I have been a commercial photographer since 2012 and shot numerous genres of photography over the years learning different styles. With this comes an understanding of using different techniques in the fields I shoot to help you look better, make you look your best and how to put you in front of the competition when all there is to look at is the quick thumbnail glance.

I have shot with different casting agencies models and also professional models that work with their own agents and with this I have gotten a better understanding of how to shoot model portfolios, giving you that one step closer to getting noticed.

I bring a great mood and atmosphere along with me, making the shoot pleasant and a fun experience. I have made friends with everyone I shoot as I believe in building a trust relationship is the key to success and that is what I strive for. Fun and Trust.

Contact me today to arrange a booking or consultation and to see how I can help you stand out.